EDC Summer 14'-78

Our Team

Thank you for taking an interest in joining us.  It is a prestigious honor to be selected to join our award winning competition team.  As the studio owner and company director, I find it important to keep things personal and on a smaller level than other schools. The reason for this is although some schools may have schools with 300+ company students on their team, I find it impossible to work with students one and one and strengthen their dance education. It is by choice that the team is kept as small as it is.

This year, our newest members have been scouted from our classes and from those that have heard of our wonderful reputation. We select our team based on determination, skill, heart and a good ear for musicality. Although we know natural born talent is vital to a terrific dancer, we are strong believers in training hard. With a little work and sparkle, we can all be stars. Both myself and my instructors look for potential in a child’s growth and love for the stage.

We have many different things to offer that most schools do not. We have four separate teams; Petite Elite Company, Junior Company, Senior Company and our all Boys Elite Company. Our Petite, Junior and Senior Companies are educated in competition etiquette, Pilates, Lyrical, Ballet, Jazz. Tap, Contemporary, as well as Hip Hop.  Our Boys Elite Company is one of the only all boys breakdancing team in the borough. Further, we train our boys in different types of battling as well as more contemporary movements. All our students are educated in nutrition and injury. We also have stretching and toning built into their schedules for maximum results.

Nonetheless, everyone who is serious about dance should consider taking your child’s dance education a step further and above the rest. Our goal is to devote more time and energy into training students into the best dancer they can be. Joining company level classes may seem overwhelming at first, but I assure you that is it a great opportunity for each of the kids. Allowing your child to join in competition gives them a sense of team spirit, leadership, camaraderie and perseverance and is also a wonderful training tool in prepping your child for specialized and performing arts schools on both the high school and the junior high school level, as well as college scholarships. Also, our company team has many other opportunities that other students do not such as taking part in many high profile appearances and performances through out the year. As well as fundraising for all different causes and community services. This gives the children exposure to different dance and career opportunities and helps everyone remember how fortunate they are and how important it is to give back.