ClassOur classroom environment is a fun and friendly atmosphere for all kids. However, we take our classes seriously. We strive to bring the very best in dance education to our students. With many different classes to choose from, each and every one possesses a different method of learning. This allows us to reach children from all different aspects. Our teachers work extremely close with each child.

One thing that sets us completely apart from other schools and classes is we have what we call the Goal/Reach Program. Each month goals are set for each and every class and child. For the duration of the month, our teacher’s aim to help each child reach their goal; and at the end of the month, the director observes the students on their successes. This allows us to bring our competition teams to immeasurable levels  levels customizing their lessons to their needs.  

Private Lessons are available for extra practice or for a missed lesson. We also offer private lessons for any student auditioning for Magnet Schools and/or summer programs.


This open class is a high-energy class that focuses on gymnastics similar to that of floor work. The class focuses on a 25 minute stretch and warm-up, and an hour of balance, some partnering work, and basic level tumbling such as cartwheels, walkovers, head/handstands rolls, handsprings, tucks and more. This class ranges from beginner to advanced levels.

Ballet Technique:

Ballet class is focused on using an understanding of anatomy and proper alignment to build the strength and knowledge necessary to progress in ballet or any other technique.  Our students are taught Chechetti, Ecole de Francis, and Russian methods so that a student is well rounded and versatile. Through the use of imagery the students will learn to create the length and lines within their bodies critical to performance and expression.  The emphasis of class is for every student to understand their own body so that they get the most out of their facility to reach their full potential. 

Boys Breaking:

The main focus of this open class is to teach the kids the basic fundamentals of breaking as well as excessively training them. These fundamentals include but are not limited to: top rock, footwork, freezes, threading, musicality, flow, battle, etc. The class will consist of a 10 minute stretching period, followed by a class learning and training, and ending with a 10-15 minute freestyle/battle.

Girls Hip Hop:

This is an all-girls open class that teaches routines in different styles of Hip Hop. It consists of 7-10 minute stretch and a 50 minute choreography session. The class focuses on one dance each month as well as covering different hip hop techniques to better their repertoire. These techniques include sharpness, popping, emotion and musicality, intricate timing, and most of all teaching students how to have fun with it. 

Gymnastics (Advanced Acro students only):

This class taught by our gymnastics coach and is exclusively designed for our Company advanced students.  Students must be ready to train seriously before moving into this level of learning. 


Our jazz classes stem from basic ballet technique with today’s moves and rhythm. It is an energetic class filled with jumps, turns choreography and also stems into theatrical and modern day forms. Students are warmed up and then take the class across the floor to advance their skills for choreography.


Our Tap classes are designed to help students develop style sound and rhythm. We focus on tap technique that ranges in different styles. We work on flexibility and coordination and speed. We want all our tap students to have fun and progress through different levels. 

Toning and Stretching:

This is a closed company only class designed to improve our student’s strength and flexibility. Students engage in light weight lifting, cardio, and different levels of core training to improve a dancer’s range of motion.


This class covers different techniques and approaches on how to execute a variety of tricks and dynamics. These tricks include different variations of flips, freezes, and handstands. This class emphasizes flow, which is the transition from one trick to another in an effortless way. It also teaches moves and drills that are used as starter moves to prep the students, both physically and mentally, to get them ready for tricks and stunts. This class is open to all students.