Brooklyn’s Breaking Academy

A breaker is comprised of three different traits...a dancer, an athlete, and an artist.

Brooklyn’s Breaking Academy is an exclusive breakdance program offered to both boys and girls, experienced and inexperienced, with heavy interest in the art of breakdance, or “Breaking”. To make our kids the top in the Tri-State Area, they are put under intense training in basic fundamentals, history, battle strategies, concepts, performance, fitness, and health.

Our program is specifically targeted to train students as professional dancers. Our staff is comprised of some of New York’s most established breakers for proper training and guidance throughout our program. We offer classes for those who decide to break recreationally and for who decide to join our competition breaking team.

Our breaking team doesn’t require experience, as it also implements a growing process for kids of all skill levels. Our school is a part of “Kids Breaking League”, a league where all breaking programs compete against each other where they don’t just compete to win, but also to boost confidence, social skills, and sportsmanship amongst kids from other programs.